Fleece Puppy Projects

Dog Car Pillow

Make a special monogrammed pillow for your dog to enjoy while traveling.

Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

Dog Pillow – 5/8 yard Fleece

Two 21” x 24” pieces

Appliqué - scrap

Machine embroidery (optional)

Polyester Fiberfill or other stuffing

Getting Started

This pillow is easy to make and will be easy to clean when needed.

  1. Mark and trim corners of pillow using a 5” circle.

Adding the Appliqué

If adding machine embroidery, finish embroidery first then center bone pattern over lettering and finish. (Note: We used a Bernina® 730 and the Child's Play font to create out lettering.)

  1. Refer to Quick-Fuse Appliqué to trace and fuse one bone to one 21” x 24” Dog Pillow piece. Finish edges with machine zigzag stitching or other decorative stitching as desired.

Finishing the Pillow

  1. With wrong sides together, layer pillow front and back together. Sew around all edges using a 3/4” seam, leaving a 5” opening for turning.
  2. Stuff pillow to desired fullness and sew opening closed.

Dog Blanket

Let your puppy pal snuggle up with this simple, yet cuddly blanket.

Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

Read all instructions before beginning and use 1/4”-wide seam allowances throughout. Read Cutting Strips and Pieces prior to cutting fabric.

Blanket - 1 1/8 yard Fleece

One 38” x 54” piece

Binding - 1/2 yard Cotton Fabric

Five 3” x 42” strips

Getting Started

This quick and easy blanket will become your dog's favorite thing to snuggle up with when you're not around.

  1. Cut one 38” x 54” rectangle from fleece.

Binding the Blanket

Walking Foot recommended to sew on binding.

  1. Refer to Binding the Quilt to join three binding strips together.
  2. Fold all strips in half lengthwise and press. Unfold and press both raw edges to fold line. Fold edges together and press binding strip.
  3. Open binding strip and place top edge of blanket on center fold of binding strip. Close binding and pin in place. Zigzag close to binding edge through all thicknesses. Repeat for bottom edge of blanket.
  4. For side binding, fold end of binding strip under 1/2” and repeat step 3, making sure to turn raw edge of binding under at bottom edge also. Repeat for opposite side.