Spooky Pillow

Create a spook-tacular look with this playful pillow. A bit of rickrack underscores the spooky theme and giant rickrack provides a photo-worthy finish. Finished size is 5 ½” x 14”

Supply List:

Making the Pillow

  1. Refer to Quick-Fuse Applique instructions. Use this “Spooky” Pattern to trace letters on paper side of fusible web. Use appropriate fabric to prepare appliqué for fusing. Refer to photo to position and fuse appliqués to pillow. Finish appliqué edges with machine satin stitch or other decorative stitching as desired.
  2. Refer to photo to position and sew medium rickrack to pillow top.
  3. Sew wide rickrack to pillow along outside edge. Do not press rickrack to the outside it will be sandwich between layers when sewing backing to pillow.
  4. Position pillow top and backing right sides together. Using ¼”-wide seam, stitch around all edges, leaving a 4” opening on one side for turning. Clip corners, turn, and press.
  5. Fill pillow with polyester fiberfill to desired fullness. Hand-stitch opening closed.