1-2-3 Baby Quilt

Simple and sensational, this charming crib quilt features a mix of flannel and cotton fabrics from a coordinating collection. Additional number appliqués and decorative stitching add texture and interest. This quilt is simple enough for a beginning quilter and cute enough to become the inspiration for an entire nursery ensemble. Coordinating fleece pillows and paper craft nursery accessories complete this sweet nursery grouping. All fabrics are Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

Read all instructions before beginning and use 1/4”-wide seam allowance throughout.

Read Cutting Strips and Pieces prior to cutting fabric.

Getting Started

This easy to construct baby quilt is enhanced with fussy-cut appliqués that add an extra dimension to the quilt. Blocks measure 8 1/2” unfinished. Refer to Accurate Seam Allowance and whenever possible use the Assembly Line Method of sewing. Press seams in the direction of arrows.

Making the Blocks

  1. Sew one 4 1/2 Fabric B strip and one 4 1/2 Fabric C strip together. Press. Make four. Cut into thirty 4 1/2" squares.

  2. Sew together two units from step 1 as shown to make one four-patch unit. Press. Make fifteen.

  3. Refer to Appliqué Instructions. Our instructions are for Quick-Fuse appliqué, but if you prefer hand appliqué, add 1/4”-wide seam allowance. Prepare appliqués using " fussy-cut" orange numbers from Fabric A and fuse to center of four-patch units with corners of appliqué on seam lines. Finish edges as desired. We chose to secure edges with a satin stitch and matching thread first, then used a decorative zigzag using orange thread to highlight the appliqué.

  4. Use nine units from step 3 and six 8 1/2” Fabric A squares to construct odd numbered rows as shown. Press. Make three and label Row 1, 3, and 5.

  5. Use six units from step 3 and nine 8 1/2” Fabric A squares to construct even numbered rows as shown. Press. Make three and label Row 2, 4, and 6.

  6. Referring to layout, arrange and sew together six rows in numerical order.

Adding the Borders

  1. Sew 1” Fabric D strips end-to-end to make one continuous 1” Fabric D strip. Referring to Adding the Borders, measure quilt through center from side to side. Cut two 1”-wide Fabric D strips to this measurement. Sew to top and bottom of quilt. Press seams toward border.
  2. Measure quilt through center from top to bottom, including border just added. Cut two 1”-wide Fabric D strips to this measurement. Sew to sides of quilt. Press.
  3. Refer to steps 1 and 2 to join, measure, trim, and sew 1 1/2”-wide Fabric B strips, and 3 1/2”-wide Fabric C strips to top, bottom, and sides of quilt.

Layering and Finishing

  1. Referring to Layering the Quilt, arrange and baste 54” x 62” (approximate) backing piece, batting, and top together. Hand or machine quilt as desired.
  2. Sew 2 3/4”-wide binding strips together end-to-end to make one continuous 2 3/4”-wide binding strip. Refer to Binding the Quilt and bind to finish.

Easy Fleece Pillows

  1. Fussy-Cut fleece fabric to highlight a motif, adding 1/2" on all sides for seam allowance. Cut a matching piece for pillow back.
  2. With right sides together and using 1/2" seams, sew around all sides of pillow, leaving a 4" opening on one long side for turning. Clip corners close to seam.
  3. Turn pillow right side out. Stuff with fiberfill or make a pillow form if desired.
Hand-sew opening closed.