Fresh Fruit Chair Covers

Finished size: 18" square

Squares on point spotlight a favorite piece of fruit on these easy and appealing chair cushion covers. For more French Country Kitchen projects and four other complete room decorating ideas, order Debbie’s Decorating with Quick & Easy Quilts book.

Embroidery card source information

The Good Life by Debbie Mumm® embroidery card features fruit and flower motifs. It is available from a Bernina® dealer or online at

Cutting Chart

(for one chair cover)

Our chair cover is wrapped around an 18" square wood base with added padding. If your chair cushion is larger, make adjustments in the width and length of 5"-wide Fabric C strips. Use 1/2"-wide seams throughout.

Making the Chair Cover

  1. The designs on this project were made with The Good Life by Debbie Mumm® embroidery card by Bernina® and a Bernina artista 200E. Place 12" Fabric A square and stabilizer diagonally in embroidery hoop to embroider design on point, referring to machine embroidery guide. Stitch design and remove stabilizer, if desired.
  2. Using 1/2"-wide seams throughout, refer to photo to sew 12" embroidered Fabric A square between two 2" x 12" Fabric B strips. Press. Sew unit between two 2" x 14" Fabric B strips. Press.
  3. Referring to photo, sew unit from step 2 between two Fabric C Corner Setting Triangles. Fabric C triangles will extend slightly past Fabric B edges. Press. Sew unit between remaining two Fabric C triangles. Press.
  4. Sew unit from step 3 between two 5" x 19" Fabric C strips. Press. Sew this unit between two 5" x 27"
    Fabric C strips. Press.
  5. Remove cushion base from chair. Wrap batting around cushion base. Cover with chair cover. Fasten chair cover edges to bottom of base with tacks or staples. Attach chair cushion to chair.

Appliqué Alternatives

If desired, appliqués and hand embroidery may be used in place of machine embroidery. Add appliqués just prior to Layering and Finishing. Refer to Appliqué Templates, and Quick-Fuse Appliqué. Trace, arrange, and fuse appliqués to center of blocks. Finish appliqués with machine satin stitch or decorative stitching as desired.

If hand appliqué is preferred, refer to Hand Appliqué.

Refer to Embroidery Guide. Use two strands of embroidery floss and a Satin or Stem Stitch for stems, a Stem Stitch for leaf veins, and French Knots for blossom centers.