Many Thanks Quilt

Finished Size: 24 1/2" x 24 1/2"

Celebrate Spring with a lasting bouquet of flowers on a pert and pretty quilt that’s quick and easy to make. Quick-Fuse Appliqué makes this quilt easy to arrange! If just one quilt isn’t enough to fill your indoor garden, you’ll find this quilt and more in Debbie’s book, Memories & Milestones

Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

Read all instructions before beginning and use 1/4 "-wide seam allowances throughout. Read Cutting Strips and Pieces prior to cutting fabrics.

Getting Started

This little quilt consists of four appliquéd blocks, each measuring 8 1/2" (unfinished). Each block features a different floral motif. Appliqués are added using Quick-Fuse Appliqué and finished with decorative stitching; however, if you use heavyweight fusible web, no stitching is required. If you prefer hand appliqué, reverse appliqué patterns and add 1/4"-wide seam allowance.


  1. Sew one 1" x 8 1/2" Fabric B strip between two 8 1/2" Fabric A squares as shown. Press. Make two.
  2. Arrange and sew together units from step 1 and three 1" x 17" Fabric B strips as shown. Press.
  3. Sew unit from step 2 between two 1" x 18" Fabric B strips as shown. Press.
  4. Sew 3 1/2" x 18" Outside Border strips to top and bottom of unit from step 3 as shown. Press. Sew 3 1/2" x 24" Outside Border strips to sides. Press. Top measures 24" x 24".

Adding the Appliqués

  1. Refer to Quick-Fuse Appliqué. Use patterns below to trace Lily, Sunflower, Daisy, and Tulip pieces on fusible web. Use assorted scraps to prepare appliqués for fusing.
  2. Refer to photo and layout to position and fuse flowers to each Fabric A block. Finish appliqués with machine blanket stitch or other decorative stitching as desired.

Layering and Finishing

  1. Arrange and baste backing, batting, and top together referring to Layering the Quilt. Machine or hand quilt as desired. Hand or machine quilt as desired.
  2. Refer to Binding the Quilt and bind quilt to finish.