Canine Comfort Zone

Dogs are people too! Make sure your faithful friend is content wherever he goes by creating some cuddly and consistent comforts that are all his own.

Any lucky dog will love to have his own bed especially when it's designated by a bone. This easy sewing project takes only a few hours and your puppy will enjoy it for years to come. Plus this handsome bed will look great in any room.

For a canine on the go, make a monogrammed car pillow to keep the seat clean or to add comfort in a crate. A bound fleece blanket also makes a great travelling companion for a dog on the move.

Corral all his toys in a plastic dishpan or storage bin and keep this toy box in a consistent place. Puppy will soon learn to pull out the toy he wants so make sure the sides aren’t too high for a comfortable reach.

An inexpensive insulated ice bucket with its own scoop makes a handy container for dog food. If you buy food in bulk, this is an easy solution for dealing with heavy bags. Just fill the container and scoop out puppy's daily dose. We embellished this container with paw prints so everyone will know what it holds.