Create a Potting Place

Claim a space in your garage or shed to create a dedicated spot for flowerpot storage and potting supplies. Include an old table or countertop, and you'll have a great spot to plant container gardens and care for house plants.

A recycled bookcase is the basis for our potting place. Deep shelves provide plenty of space for watering cans, flowerpots and saucers, bags of soil and other potting supplies. Closed storage on the bottom of the bookcase provides a secure spot for fertilizers and chemical supplies which are kept under lock and key.

A GARDEN sign designates this dedicated place, adding color and charm to a functional space. A vinyl-covered apron hangs from the door, providing a quick cover-up for a busy gardener.

With the addition of scrapbook supplies and a lid, a tin flowerpot becomes crafty storage for bird seed or potting soil. Baskets hold flower seeds and moss while a flowerpot serves as a holder for garden gloves.

Keep your to-do list handy on a cute and colorful clipboard. Scrapbook paper, stickers, and rub-on letters make an acrylic clipboard into a useful and decorative accessory for your potting place.