Signs of Spring

  1. Feather your nest. Birds are always a welcome sign of spring and right now bird motifs are very on trend. Create these easy wall pieces using fabric and the bird silhouette patterns that we provide. Hang your bird art in any room for a fresh, fanciful, springtime look.
  2. Freshen the furniture. Changing out the pillows is an easy way to bring signs of spring to your home. We chose to create pillows to complement our bird wall art for a cohesive springtime look. Oversized buttons provide an eye-catching accent for these fun pillows.
  3. Throw on some color. Draping a colorful quilted throw over the back of a sofa or chair is a quick way to add springtime color and interest to your living room.
  4. Change the accessories. Put away those accessories that you've been living with all winter and bring out the brighter color vases, boxes, lamps, and books. Or, feature accessories with a springtime theme such as birds, flowers, or bugs. The vignette shown accents our bird theme and includes a glass cloche, nest, eggs, and a mossy bird.
  5. Add flowers and plants. Nothing says springtime like fresh flowers and green plants. Bring on the green no matter what the weather with some leafy house plants or vases of bright-colored flowers.