Swinging on a Star

Soft-sculpted stars are a whimsical decoration in a baby’s room. Hang the stars to form a valance on a window or suspend them from the ceiling on ribbons for an eye-catching decoration. Each side of the star has a different face—bright eyed or fast asleep—so when stars move different faces appear. 

Or, make one soft-sculpture star to hang on baby’s door handle. Display the sleepy face when baby is napping to let visitors know not to disturb and the bright-eyed face when baby is ready to play.

Materials Needed for Three Stars:
¼ yard Cotton Fabric
            Cut three 7” x 13 ½” pieces
2-3 Yards Ribbon (1/4”-wide grosgrain)
Embroidery Floss
Polyester Fiberfill

  1. Make a cardboard or plastic template of star shape below.
  2. Fold each of three 7” x 14” star fabrics with right sides together. Trace around star template onto each fabric piece. Transfer mouth and eye markings onto star--awake face on one side and sleepy face on the other.
  3. Option: Embroider star faces now, or after stuffing.
  4. Stitch on traced line leaving open between dots. Trim fabric ¼” away from stitching line. Clip curves and turn each star right side out.
  5. Stuff to desired thickness. Hand stitch opening closed and stitch on ribbon for hanging.
  6. Repeat to make three stars.