Spice Up Your Recipe Box!

Spice Up Your Recipe Box!

Your recipe box can be as eye-catching and color-coordinated as the rest of your kitchen when you customize it with fabric to match your other accessories.

Supply List:

Covering the Recipe Box:

  1. If using a motif fabric for the lid, select section to be used and cut fabric as needed to position motifs where desired leaving plenty of fabric for wrapping around the lid to the inside.
  2. Apply glue to lid top, position fabric and smooth fabric across the top. Apply glue to front and back sides and smooth fabric over those sides. If lid is not removable, trim fabric on the back side at the lid line.
  3. Trim excess fabric as needed to make a folded corner on the sides of lid. Apply glue and adhere fabric.
  4. Trim fabric on front and sides leaving ½ inch to turn to inside. Glue fabric to inside. If desired, glue a satin ribbon over fabric edges to finish.
  5. Use the same process to cover the bottom of the recipe box. If lid is attached to bottom, align edges of fabric as shown and bring corner folds to the bottom of box. We used a printed selvedge for the top edge so fabric won't fray.

    If box is separate from lid, start at the bottom and wrap to the inside.
  6. Attach letters to spell “recipe” as desired.