Garden Sign

Create a sign as lovely as your garden by using vintage seed packets for the letters. Fastened to the garden gate or hung on the back door, this sign will set the scene for all the beauty within the garden beds.

Supply List:

Making the Sign

  1. Sand wood plaque and remove residue with slightly damp cloth.
  2. Mix equal amounts of Burnt Umber paint and Varnish. Brush mixture on plaque in several light coats until plaque is a medium brown but wood grain still shows through. By mixing the varnish with the paint, no wood sealer is needed before painting. Allow to dry.
  3. Dry-brush Fresh Foliage on edges of plaque. To dry brush, load paintbrush with small amount of paint, dab paintbrush on paper towel several times, then rub paintbrush over edges, applying paint to raised edges. Allow to dry.
  4. Following manufacturer's directions, apply antiquing medium to plaque, adding medium and wiping off as desired until desired color is achieved. Allow to dry.
  5. If needed, dry brush additional Fresh Foliage paint to plaque edges. Allow to dry.
  6. We used a computer to create a pattern for the letters using Tw Cen MT Condensed type at 420 points. Trace each letter onto a different seed packet and cut out with small sharp scissors.
  7. Use decoupage to adhere letters to plaque, following manufacturer's directions.
  8. Use a hammer to carefully drive upholstery tacks into each corner, or use a wire cutter to cut off nail portion of tack and use hot glue to adhere the tack head to the plaque.
  9. GARDEN sign should be hung in a protected area to avoid sun and rain damage.

Garden Container

This cute container is decorated with scrapbook products and is suitable for indoor use. We used a tin flowerpot with a green textured finish as the base for our container. Terracotta flowerpots, tin canisters, or other items you have on hand can easily be decorated in a similar manner. Our lid is a saucer for a flowerpot, so use your creativity and imagination to match up pieces for your container.

Container is decorated with Froggie Frolic scrapbook products, red-orange ribbon, and a wooden knob that is painted and glued to the top. A large flower cut-out decorates the lid. Apply scrapbook products using decoupage.