Celebrate Mom Wall Art

Thank Mom for encouraging all your creative and crafty efforts as a kid by making her an all-grown-up tribute to her great job as a mother. This simple wood plaque is the perfect, permanent piece of artwork to acknowledge how much you appreciate her. We provide the angel artwork (pdf) for you to download and print.

Supply List:

Making the Plaque

  1. Drill small holes ¼” from top and ½” in from sides on one end of 6” x 12” board.
  2. Sand craft boards and remove residue with a damp cloth. Apply gesso to the boards to prepare surface for painting. Allow to dry completely, then lightly sand again and remove residue.
  3. Basecoat 6” x 12” board with Yellow Citron. Two or more coats of paint may be needed for good coverage. Allow paint to dry completely after each coat of paint. Basecoat 2 ¾” x 4” board with Golden Straw.
  4. Mix Fresh Foliage paint with Clear Glaze using a 50/50 ratio. Apply glaze mixture over Yellow Citron then wipe with a clean soft rag, going lengthwise on the board. Add more glaze or wipe off glaze until desired color and texture is achieved.
  5. Using same procedure as step 4, mix Burnt Umber with glaze and apply over Golden Straw on small board, wiping and adding glaze as desired. Allow to dry completely .
  6. Apply matte varnish over both boards.
  7. Using photo as an example, hand-paint “MOM” onto small board or use rub-on letters, chip board letters, or vinyl letters as desired.
  8. Download angel artwork (pdf) and print on white card stock using a color printer. Carefully cut out angel and adhere to large board using foam mounting tape.
  9. Glue bead fringe to back of board so only beads show from the front.
  10. Using photo as inspiration, form curlicues and a heart with 16 gauge wire to create a hanger for the plaque. Thread beads on the wire as desired. Add more bead accents by threading beads on 26 gauge wire and wiring on where desired.