Songbird Wall Art

Bring scenes of spring to your home with beautiful fabric wall art featuring bird silhouettes.

Supplies for Two Wall Pieces:

Eight 12" Wood Stretcher Bars or Recycle Two Simple 12" Wooden Frames

18" Squares of Two Complementary Fabrics (Fabrics shown are Debbie Mumm's® Songbirds available at Jo-Ann Stores)

Two 18" Squares Muslin

Staple Gun and Staples

Quilters Mini-Iron

Circles Template

Small Sharp Scissors

Heavyweight Fusible Web – 1/2 yard

Appliques –

Dark Brown: 1/4 yard

Orange Check: 1/4 yard or Fat Quarter

Greens and Dark Orange : Scraps

Making the Wall Art

  1. Slide interlocking stretcher bars together. Check for square by measuring from corner to corner, repeat for other side, and adjust if necessary. Staple at corners.

  2. Because quilting fabric is lightweight, use a piece of muslin with each decorative piece. Place the two 18" squares right side down under bar unit from step 1. Pull fabric around bar, staple in the middle of each stretcher bar, pulling fabric tightly to obtain good tension. Continue process, working from center, stretching and stapling doubled fabric, stopping at corners.

  3. Pull corner tight and check front to make sure fabric is taut. Fold excess fabric at 90 ° , crease, and form corner. Staple tightly at back.

  4. If desired attach a wire picture hanger or sawtooth hanger to back of each fabric wall piece.
  5. Following manufacturer's directions, iron fusible web to back of fabrics to be used for circles. Using circles template, draw one 6 1/2" and one 4 1/2" circle on prepared orange check fabric; one 5 1/2" circle on plain green fabric; one 2" and one 1 1/2" circle on dark orange fabric; one 3" circle on light green fabric; and one 2 1/2" circle on dark green fabric.
  6. Cut out circles, remove paper backing and using photo as a guide, arrange circles on prepared wall pieces. DO NOT ADHERE at this point.
  7. Using silhouette patterns, trace bird silhouettes on paper side of fusible web. Adhere prepared fusible web to dark brown fabric. Carefully cut out bird appliqués.
  8. Position bird appliqués on circles on prepared wall pieces, adjust circle positions as desired. Place a towel under each prepared wall piece (fold so it fits inside the stretcher bars) and use mini iron to adhere all appliqués to ackgrounds.
  9. Remove towels and hang as desired.