Fun Ways with Eggs!

Gather the whole family for an egg-citing evening of decorating faux eggs. These quick techniques are easy enough for grade school children, and the finished eggs will be ones you'll want to use and treasure for years to come.

Just Dotty!


Cover work surface with plastic bags or newspapers.

Pour a small amount of each paint color onto a paper plate, widely spacing colors. Prepare a paper plate palette for each person.

Practicing on a sheet of paper first, dip the pencil eraser in one color of paint, blot several times on palette, then use eraser to make polka dots on practice paper. You should be able to make 3-4 dots before reloading your eraser with paint. You can control the size of the dot by how much pressure you apply when making a dot--less pressure, smaller dots. Practice until you are comfortable with this easy technique.

Grasp an egg in one hand, holding it at top and bottom, and apply polka dots in first color using a random pattern on one side of the egg. Clean paint off eraser with paper towel and move to the next color, applying polka dots as desired. Repeat for third color. Set egg carefully on the unpainted side and allow to dry. When dry, repeat the process to dot the other side of the egg. To make a flower, apply five dots of the same color in a circle, then use a contrasting dot for the flower center.
*Or, use wooden eggs, painted a pastel color

Ribbon and Seed Beads


Use glue to affix ribbon as desired around complementary color egg.

Add stripes and designs with glue and sprinkle with seed beads. Apply one color of seed beads at a time and allow glue to dry between applications.

If desired, add flower-shaped or butterfly beads.

*Available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Sparkly Eggs


Insert dowel into egg so you can work on all sides and to allow egg to air dry when complete.

Tear selected tissue into small pieces (about 2" scrap). You will need 10-20 pieces depending on the size of egg.

Liberally brush Mod Podge onto egg, covering entire egg. Lay a tissue piece on egg and smooth down with paint brush. Continue adding tissue to egg, adding more Mod Podge as needed and overlapping tissue pieces. Don't worry about wrinkles or creases, just smooth and flatten with Mod Podge and paintbrush. Cover entire egg with tissue pieces, overlapping and adding layers as needed until color depth and look is achieved.

If desired, cut out motifs from tissue (such as large flowers) and decoupage onto egg.

Cover entire egg with another coat of Mod Podge, and then sprinkle with glitter.

Place dowel with egg in a jar or vase and allow egg to dry overnight. Each egg takes about 15 minutes to complete excluding drying time.