Red Hot Apron

Some like it hot! Spice up a plain purchased apron with this red hot design! Use machine embroidery for the words and chili peppers, or embroider by hand and add appliqués. Checked accents add to the kitchen couture.

Getting Started

To add zing to a purchased apron, stitch on some fabric accents and embroidery. There are three options to embellish the apron: digitize and embroider the words and chilies, hand embroider, or embroider the words and appliqué the chilies.

Materials Needed

Purchased Apron

Accent Borders – 1/4 yard

Embroidery Thread or Floss -
Black, red, and green

(For appliquéd chilies, use red and green fabric scraps in place of embroidery thread and 1/8 yard lightweight fusible web.)

Embellishing the Apron

  1. Cut two fabric strips for the accents. Measure the width along top edge of apron and the width 1 1/2" below this edge. If the measurements differ, cut fabric strip 2" by the width of the larger measurement plus 1". Measure 10" below top edge of apron. Cut a second fabric strip 3 1/2" by this width plus 1".
  2. Press both long edges of each strip under 1/4".
  3. Place strips on front of apron as shown. Pin in place along long edges. Turn under short edges to match sides of apron and pin in place. Trim as needed.

  4. Sew fabric strips to apron by stitching close to all edges, pivoting at corners.
  5. Referring to photo, Chili Pattern, and "Red Hot" lettering(see patterns download below), scan chili and word images. Using Bernina® artista embroidery software, digitize lettering using a Zigzag Outline Stitch and the chili using a Step Fill Stitch. Machine embroider. Or, refer to Embroidery Stitch Guide, use three strands of embroidery floss, and a satin stitch to embroider "Red Hot" and three chilies. To appliqué chilies, refer to Quick-Fuse Appliqué.

Click here to download Chili Pattern and “Red Hot” lettering - PDF File (320KB)