Easy Breezy Mosaic Garden Accessories

Add sparkle and glitter to the garden by using sea glass and decorative gems to make fun garden accessories

For the Birds!

But people will love these birdhouses too! These easy-to-make garden accessories also make great gifts. Sea glass is perfect for mosaics as it comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so no cutting is required and, because the glass is tumbled, there are no sharp ends. Glass gems add sparkle and style to these birdhouse projects.

Materials Needed:

*Look for Sea Glass and Glass Gems at craft stores or in the floral section of discount stores.

  1. Spray birdhouse with white primer and allow to dry.
  2. Using our photos and your birdhouse, gems, and sea glass as inspiration, create a central motif for the front of your birdhouse. Sort through glass pieces and gems to make the motif, then using a contrasting color, fit pieces together to surround the motif. Spaces between pieces shouldn't be larger than 1/4".

  3. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, begin gluing pieces using the Clear Adhesive Caulk. One by one, coat the back of each piece with caulk and place in design. Continue until all pieces for the front of the birdhouse have been placed. To avoid slipping, allow to dry for several hours before moving to the next side.
  4. Continue with this process until all sides have been completed. Allow to dry overnight.

  5. Using palette knife, spread grout over mosaic, filling all spaces between glass with grout. We found it easiest to do two sides at once. Use palette knife to scrape excess grout from mosaic. A sponge will remove the rest of the excess grout.

  6. Fill bucket with water and wet tiling sponge. Wring well. Draw sponge over side of birdhouse, removing grout from sea glass and gems but leaving grout in crevasses. Rinse sponge in water bucket after each pass. Continue sponging each side until sea glass and gems are free of grout. Allow to dry, then repeat grout process for other two sides.
  7. Allow to dry thoroughly. Buff sea glass and gems with a dry cloth to finish.

Candle Lantern

This easy project is fun to make and will be a favorite accessory on your deck or patio. The multi-colored glass gems sparkle with sunlight during the day and glow with candlelight in the evening .

Materials Needed

  1. Determine your design and color patterns. Simple geometric shapes work well.
  2. Apply caulk to the back of first gem and press into place. Gems can slip, so we found it easiest to set the vase on its side on a towel and work on one surface at a time.
  3. Continue gluing on gems until your design is complete.
  4. This project is perfect for multi-tasking—glue on gems while watching television or listening to a book on tape.


Fanciful Flowerpot

Mix it up on a fun and funky flowerpot. Use leftover gems and sea glass from other projects to create an abstract design on a flowerpot.

Materials Needed

*For this project, we chose to use a combination adhesive and grout—available at local home improvement centers.

Paint flowerpot with Gesso or spray with white primer. Allow to dry.

Using palette knife or putty knife, spread a thin layer of adhesive/grout on one side of flowerpot.

Place sea glass and gems on adhesive/grout, placing pieces where they fit and mixing up colors. When one area is covered with mosaic materials, apply adhesive/grout to the next area and continue process until the flowerpot is completed. Allow to dry overnight.

Apply adhesive/grout to mosaic areas following instructions 5-7 in Birdhouse project.